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Default Re: TFcon 2013 - The world's largest fan-run Transformers convention - Toronto

TFcon 2013 Exclusive Van Guardian Profile
ALLEGIANCE: Heroic Gobits
FUNCTION: Chief of Security
“You honestly think you can get past me?”

Profile: Graduating top of his class from the Heroic Gobit Academy, VAN GUARDIAN was immediately assigned to important security duty on his home world. When the war broke out and BIKEMURDER raided GOBITRON, VAN GUARDIAN and his team were captured only to be rescued by CAPTAIN-1 and his crew. Impressed with how long he was able to hold up against almost impossible odds, CAPTAIN-1 recruited VAN GUARDIAN for his Earth team as the Gobit war continued to rage on the other side of the galaxy. Opting for the new generation modifier design his new body is now ready for whatever battle may come his way. Many younger Gobits and academy students look up to him. Smart, tactical and courageous, VAN GUARDIAN is one talented bot.
Abilities: Robot mode flight and high powered laser blasts from his fists which are standard with almost all Gobits. With his new body, he now has an optional high impact battle mask and SHOCK GUN for when he needs to protect his fellow Gobits. He also possesses a unique ability to detect close by enemy scanner devices keeping him always a step ahead of the enemy.

Weaknesses: If VAN GUARDIAN has one fault it is that he is very arrogant. He sometimes thinks the battle is won way before the final shot is fired and that tends to get him in some serious situations. Being revered by so many Gobitronians has gone to his head.

Keep an eye on this spot for the 2nd TFcon 2013 exclusive profile reveal before TFcon 2013 registration goes online May 1st at 9am.

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