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Default Re: Do you think The Wolverine could be the best 2013 superhero film?

The minute I heard they were basing on part the extremetes storyline my Intrest dropped.The trailers left me with a very meh attitude.Nothing the actors have
said have excited me.But seeing the plot summary just put me over the top
to not see It.

I used to see most marvel films but all their online wars have left me with
a case by case attitude towards Disney/MS films.My main excitement Is for X-Men and SPider-man films.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Iron Man 3 makes a mockery out of the mandarian.Imagine Fox doing something like this.Yes Chris Nolan did something similar In batman begins but at least he had a Ra's al ghul like In comics as stand in for ducard.Treating pepper pots as love of Tony Stark's life when she actully married happy In comics would be like Peter parker never getting Involved with Mary Jane and marrying gwen stacy.Could you Imagine the backlash If SOny did that.James Rhodes was not Iron Patroit In comcis eather

The Amnesa some have to MS and Chris Nolan when changing things but
crictzing everything Fox does Is getting trying.

Consideirng my my signature you can tell how much I regard the original Superman film My final decsion to see man of steel will depend on plot sumary being released.I know full well once man of steel opens some will be bashing
Richard Donnor's take on Superman and Christopher reeve as Superman.I have seen same thing with james bond and after danial craig other bonds except for timothy dalton be bashed.

I don't have much Intrest In Thor:The dark world.Thor was weakest of MS films.I always swore if they brought back the stupid comic relief character of marcy I would not see It.well not only they bring her back but reportly she has larger role.Plus I am worried about a redemption arc for Loki as well as spending too much time on jane's reaction to Asgard.

The Wolverine Is one comic book film I am looking forward to of this year.

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