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It was okay, but I liked the first movie much better.

There are a number of plot holes / weak moments in Retaliation:

- Cobra Commander looked and sounded cool, but wasn't much of a character. Somehow I felt he had no real purpose in there and the movie would have worked without him.

- Why is everyone at Cobra behaving like "Yeah, our commander is back", "great you are here again", "we missed our commander"? Before he got arrested, he wasn't the commander, he was just the organization's scientist Dr. Mindbender. Why is every Cobra member remembering him as commander?

- Why was Destro left behind at the prison escape? He did nothing to fall in disgrace.

- While the character Zartan had a lot of screentime, actor Arnold Vosloo had about 1 minute of screentime ("I cut my face"-scene, very short flashback showing how he killed Hard Master, death scene).

- Are Heavy Duty, Scarlett and Ripchord dead too? And if they aren't, why didn't Roadblock and the others try to contact them when they needed support?

- Concerning Storm Shadow... he switches sides and is used to infiltrate Cobra. But the Cobra Commander probably knows that Storm Shadow was captured and taken away from the Himalaya stronghold and brought to Japan. Did no one at Cobra ask Storm Shadow what happened there and why he is free again? Shouldn't they regard him with suspiscion?

Great himalaya fighting scene though.

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