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Default Re: Guy Pearce is Aldrich Killian

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Watching it again I really do prefer Aldrich as a villain to them all. Problem with Stane isn't so much the performance but the lackluster material he was given. (again, when a character is portrayed by Jeff f'n Bridges no matter how your character is written you will be awesome). Aldrich was just awesome head to toe, from his 80's villain vibes, the slicked hair the white suits, the dragon tattoos. I also loved his origins, sort of like a dark tony stark or a twisted version of him, both brilliant ambitious minds, starting out from completely different places, yet aldrich ended up in a similar place. Charming and dashing, charismatic, rich, successful, resourceful and smart and in possession of technology that could change the world and allows him to toe to toe (and pretty much win) against tony and his 42 different suits. Unlike Tony however he becomes so obsessed with his alter ego he truly believes he is the mandarin, a fake character he created. While tony eschews the concept of the alter ego and realises he was the hero all along not the suit.

If that isn't a great arch nemesis, I don't know what is...and the fact that he has the coolest terminator moment near the end ups the badass factor. He may not have that scene chewing moment like Stane or Hammer (rockwell continues to be the most underrated actor out there) but he did say how much he hated theatrics.

So acted villain? maybe not, best written? probably yes. Most badass? hell yes...I'd even put him as more badass in the MCU than Loki, who's more of a snake than a straight up alpha.

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