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Default Re: Man of Steel Box Office Prediction Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Shield View Post
Unless I'm off, the average movie ticket is $10 or more, right. So that would make the need for a JL movie $800 mil. ww.
i think $800 mil would likely be their take to regard it as a massive hit with the GA .. IMO

i think they'd be happy with anything north of $650 mil as a 1st out .. i'm goin' along with the $700 mil territory myself IF the critics give it positive reviews & word of mouth is good .. 300 & 400 for 700ww

personally i'd eat my own skivvies if it doesn't exceed 500ww .. i just can't see anything less considering all the hype surrounding this film .. but, for me, it comes down to the crits & word of mouth just prior & after release to figure how much legs this'll have ..

if the reviews come back positive & people talk, it might surprise us on the upside ww .. hoping for that .. would also be interesting to see how the WallMart sales will do come May 18th .. might give an indication of demand ?

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