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Default Re: Batman Begins vs The Amazing Spider-Man?

Originally Posted by Squaremaster316 View Post
Take Batman Begins out of the picture, and TDK would not have been as successful financially. It was easily the biggest reason why TDK did as well as it did.

Even if everything else had been the exact same with TDK's production, if it had been the official reboot after B&R, it may have done b/w Iron Man 2 to TASM numbers.
You are absolutely right. The Batman brand was in the toilet prior to the Nolan films, thanks largely to Batman & Robin but also the wretched Catwoman. When I first saw the Batman Begins teaser in the theatre the reaction was very much, 'not another stupid Batman film'. Kind of like what you would see with Police Academy movies back in the day, or Scary Movie sequels now.

Batman Begins was about rebuilding the brand, not setting records. TDK would have not done nearly as well had the character's credibility not been restored first.

I said much the same thing when people were overreacting to the relatively poor gross of XM:FC. FC didn't do poorly because people didn't like it. It did poorly because the previous two films were awful.

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