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Default Re: Do you think The Wolverine could be the best 2013 superhero film?

For starters you will never see me defending Fox on Last Stand,Origins,Elektra,
and the past FF films.I like the director's cut of daredevil but they tried to do
too much In one film.

The hypcrosy of some towards Fox(which has made 3 good films with X-Men,X2,
and first Class) but will totally let Disney/MS and Chris Nolan off the hook and
praise all their decsions.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I never liked Nolan taking the Ra's al ghul from comics and make him decoy for ducard.As far as I am concerned Lien neeson didn't play Ra's al ghul he played henri ducard.What happed with the manadarian Is far worse.Bad enough they went all PC but the closest thing they had In Iron Man to being based on the manadarian from comics is just a drunken actor standin for the villain of extremes storyline.

films are different meduem than comics but stop trying to claim MS are perfect adaptians of comics.I don't like It when any studios(Disney/MS,Sony,Fox) takes things from the ultimate line

With regards to Iron Man 3 It's also like Michael Bay's crap films on Transformers anyone who grew up on them from G1 will tell you the idea
that Megatron would ever follow someone else Is disservice but It's Bay doing films so what can you expect
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Imagine If Fox had done Magneto as tool of another villain.Or Shaw as standin.Can you Imagine the backlash

My favorate comic books from actual comics I have bought have been

2:Spider-Man(I prefer the amazing Spider-man but A:That doesn't mean everything that Rami did I think was crap and B:I respect those who have Spider-Man 2 as one of their top Comic Book films)
3:Batman(always my favorate DC character)
4:Avengers related characters(i always was more likely to pick up team book
than solo books)

It's funny that there will be 4 marvel films In 2014 and some's attitude towards the Amazing Spider-man 2 and X_Men;Days of future past will be
Disney/MS didn't make them so they will be crap.Funny how some forget Bryna SInger on X-Men and Sam rami on PSider-man helped pay the way for films later one.MS would never have been able to get loans to start their own film studio without their success.

Hopefully The Wolverine will be able to hit back at fox haters.

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