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Default Re: The Master of Magnetism: The Ian McKellen Thread

Originally Posted by By your Command View Post
I couldn't second this anymore, I just can't, I will just explode in my seat the second he starts to interact with Charles in a scene directed by Bryan Singer, I cannot wait one more second.
Ian Mckellen's performance as Magneto is the reason why I've been able to stomach every movie having him as the villain. The guy is amazing almost all his lines are memorable and he delivers them perfectly.
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"It doesn't look like they're playing by your rules Charles, maybe we should play by theirs."
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Singer really struck a goldmine with his casting choices for Charles and Erik. In fact to be honest I think he's struck a goldmine with all the actors he cast in the main roles, if he just wrote the character's well and directed them to be more like their comic counterparts then we would all be as giddy to see them onscreen as we are to see Ian. Even, arguably, the weakest link in the cast, Halle Berry has the potential to deliver the qualities that Storm needs and look at films like Cloud Atlas to see her at her best in recent times. She can definitely play Storm the way we want, so can Anna, Shawn, Ellen etc. Just give them their dues Singer.

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