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Default Re: Storm VS Mystique

Well it seems that the majority of people on here would like to see Mystique as the female lead as opposed to Storm. I must say I'm completely surprised, I thought most people liked Mystique as a silent assassin/spy. Like she was in X1-3. Played perfectly by Rebecca Romijn (still hoping she's in this film). Storm as the female lead opened the doors for the OT characters to be utilised more through Storm's interactions with them. Meaning we'd get a focal point for both the past through Fassbender and Mcavoy and a focal point for the future through Storm and possibly Wolverine.

To me it makes more sense, but I understand and respect other opinions. I mean I see the point about Mystique having a connection to the first class leads, I guess I'm really against this because I don't want this to be a First Class sequel I'd rather it be the 'inbetweequel' that singer says this will be, with a 50/50 split between the OT and FC and I thought having Storm over mystique as a lead would better help that. Oh well.

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