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Default Re: Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Dark Raven View Post
Even in non-sci-fi series, people come up with better explanations for how people appear to be dead (eg neurotoxins, people being trained to lower their heart rate/ given drugs to do that, actually allowing someone to die for a few minutes and then reviving them etc). It's been done hundreds of times.

Holding your breath and lying still is like something a teenager thought up. At least copy one of these other methods.
This is why I am convinced that /Film either got punked by a source or just pulled that out of their collective rear ends. Joss Whedon has dedicated his career to killing characters and occasionally resurrecting them. Would he write something so stupefyingly stupid? Highly doubtful.

Originally Posted by Raiden View Post
So according to Whedon, ABC hasn't picked up this series yet? I wonder why they haven't committed to this new series yet.

Whedon might not be privy to ABC's decision-making or he might not be able to confirm that it has been picked up. With as long as he's been playing pilot roulette, he probably doesn't want to jinx it by speaking out of turn or taking anything for granted.

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