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Originally Posted by Incredible Hans View Post

- Why is everyone at Cobra behaving like "Yeah, our commander is back", "great you are here again", "we missed our commander"? Before he got arrested, he wasn't the commander, he was just the organization's scientist Dr. Mindbender. Why is every Cobra member remembering him as commander?

- Why was Destro left behind at the prison escape? He did nothing to fall in disgrace.
I don't remember the first movie that well, but it seemed to me that Cobra Cdr was supposed to be the "real" power behind the throne, and was waiting for an opportune moment to oust Destro once his resources were more fully under CC's control. Remember he injected Destro with nanomites at the end of GI Joe 1 and told him to "call me commander" right before the Joes arrested them. So leaving him behind at the prison was just a case of "you have outlived your usefulness" while he went off to resume control of his infrastructure.

Not that I blame you for the confusion. The first movie handled this rather horribly, with CC only being built up as Duke's "friend" and not so much "secret leader of an upstart terrorist cell" with only a last minute twist that's more of a shout out than a plot point. Not to mention Cobra isn't even named until we're almost at the credits, another baffling move.

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