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Default Re: Do you think The Wolverine could be the best 2013 superhero film?

I don't see why this is hard for you to understand. If Fox was making better movies no one would care. Elektra, Daredevil, FF, FF2, X Men Origins and X3 were all poorly received by the fans. Doesnt matter if you personally thought one was ok. The Majority didn't respond well to them. That's 6 films that the fans and critics didn't care for vs 3 positives. Two of which came out 10 friggin years ago. There has only been one well received Fox Marvel film since 2004. And you wonder why people won't give them the same credit as the MCU and Nolan? The answer is no one really likes their film's or trusts them. Fox has to put out not only good X Film's but a good FF movie to start winning back that trust. THis is a company that flat out said **** the fans we have their money. It's not just about changing a character, its about making an overall good movie and the franchises reaching their potential. X1,2 and FC are pretty well received overall so that's hardly the problem here, but look at how even the hardcore X-Film supporters bash on the films for having too much Wolverine, not enough Cyc and Rogue being a poor representation. The films aren't living up to the fans expectation's. While The MCU is for the most part, and it's only been around for 5 years.

When it comes down to it, most fans are more then willing to accept change if the film is well made....and some not, which is apparent by the IM3 reaction. But that's the case with every adaptation. Not everyone is praising the choice like you seem to be alluding to. And again that characters popularity has never been high, which is why you aren't seeing as much backlash.

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