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Default Re: Rumoured New X Men Cartoon

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
I sent the designs to them to see if they had any info about it, since the facebook profile where they were posted said it was from the new tv show.

But dailym have edited their article mentioning its fan-art and who made them.
It's pathetic they can't perform their due diligence and figure that out before posting a FAKE article. They are an illegitimate website.

It's a sad day in Marvel Animation when fan art is better than what they have been producing lately...These are actually quite good designs. I would have been happy had they been used in a series.

Does anyone think that Marvel will try out a new X Men series to coincide with Days of Future Past? They have a tendency to release an animated series to support films, so there's hope???????
It's a good thing this day hasn't occurred. All this person did is copy and paste parts from Young Justice character models.

How is this fan art better than Avengers Assemble? Have you seen the designs or footage of Avengers Assemble yet?

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