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Default Re: Where are the Avengers?

I can pretty much sum up, in a spoiler-y fashion fo course, why there was no Avengers response to Tony being in trouble so much, etc.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Tony was in many ways a detective in IM3. From crime scene manipulation to lots of other stuff, he basically single-handedly solved the mystery of the explosions without bombs, the connection between Killian and "Mandarin", and the Mandarin's whereabouts (Miami) with the help of Jarvis and Harley of course. So while the rest of the country/world/and maybe even Nick Fury and the other Avengers were assuming this was all being done by the Mandarin from far away in some middle eastern location, only really Tony and Rhodes knew what was going on and both of them were out of commission/contact either in remote locations or being held captive for stretched of time. So yeah even though the BIG events like the explosions and such would logically and possibly call for/cause a response from the other superheroes they couldn't truly help Tony anyway because he was keeping the truth behind it all a secret. To top that all off at this point in Tony's life he's WAY past done wit the Avengers. He can't stand to think about the NY incident and probably thinks he can handle the Mandarin on his own, which of course he ultimately did (with the help of others along the way of course). Hope this makes sense.

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