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Default Re: Deadpool Spin-off Confirmed - Part 1
Another Reese and Wernick interview
"It's a complete reinvention from Deadpool's first introduction in X-Men Origins: Wolverine," Wernick tells ETonline. "It's a complete reinvention and a return to the original conception from that character."

"It's a wholly original idea we came up with, but the movie is an origin story and Deadpool has a reasonably well-known origin so we riffed off that," Reese says. "We didn't do it precisely from the comics, but we used a lot of the elements."

"We used characters from the Deadpool universe as well, like Blind Al and Ajax, plus there are some new characters -- Mega Sonic Teenage Warhead, she's fun -- and then Colossus, a classic X-Men character, is also in the script. We had fun building that universe out."

"We have a great star in Ryan Reynolds, who is attached and was instrumental in helping us write the script, we have a great director in Tim Miller, who is also attached, and created a great 3-minute test scene to show the studio he had what it took to make the movie and we have a budget. All those things are in place, so it's just a matter of convincing Fox to move forward on it. I think they're trying to come to grips with the idea it's a hard R-rated script and trying to figure out a way to fit it into their jigsaw puzzle of X-Men movies."
Negasonic teenage Warhead's an interesting choice hahaha. Deadpool should have fun with that name.

The fact this movie hasn't been completely scrapped is making me think they are just waiting post DofP, since that will probably change their whole movie verse around.

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