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Default Re: Storm VS Mystique

Originally Posted by SterlingDee View Post
Thing is, Storm has never been the female lead in any X-men film (not talking marketing here) so I'm not sure why X-men DOFP would change that. Also, didn't Singer imply that her role wasn't even a critical one to the movie? Can't be a female lead without having some importance to the story line(s).
Because besides Anna Paquin, Halle is the only female actress who have been in the series since the beginning who will appear in this movie and she's a bigger star than Anna Paquin. Storm is also more popular than Rogue and in the movie series, after Jean Grey, Storm is possibly the most powerful female mutant that we have seen.

And Mystique is not even a X-Men, why make her the female lead in a X-Men film? because Jennifer Lawrence is popular right now?. Halle Berry should be the female lead of this film. All they need to do is give her a bigger and more meaningful role..

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