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Default Re: Scarlet Witch,Quicksilver,and Polaris

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
To me its pretty sad that Fox is already doing the 7 film in the franchise, and the fith team movie, with the fifth Magneto appearance, and no minimal reference or tease of his children.

a slap in the face to Fox's X-men franchise/fans. At least to me.

Wanda, Pietro and Polaris are an importan part of Magneto's character and x-men history. To dont have them on the x-men franchise and related to him its a huge wasted opportunity
Umm after the original trilogy and First Class, I think its already a big indication that Magneto doesn't have children in this timeline/universe. Its not a slap in the face to me as a fan. Not all things in the comics can be adapted to film. This is not a TV series that they can adapt all the things that happened/family relations in the comics.

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
And with Polaris having such similar powers to Magneto (of which we already have two versions - Fassbender and McKellen), she doesn't seem that likely either.
I think they could easily introduce Polaris, introducing her as Magneto's daughter is not a requirement in my opinion. They just need to come up with a story for her.

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