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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by MovieMasterCBM View Post
What exactly are Scarlet Witch's powers?

I only really know about her and Quicksilver from the pieces of research I've done since Joss practically confirmed them on the red carpet, but from what I know she can control probability and make things happen?

If so, then in theory couldn't she simply say for no more Thanos and he'd be gone? Or have I gone off on completely the wrong tracks?
At their highest levels, Wanda's powers make Thanos look like a pussy, yeah. Check out Avengers Disassembled and House of M era to see Wanda become a frickin' goddess who manipulates reality to her own will.

Doubtful that Joss has any intention of pushing her powers that high yet in the MCU, though. I'd look for her instead to be modeled after the witches in Charmed, that sort of thing.


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