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Default Re: The Official TDKR Fanart & Manips Thread XI

Originally Posted by marvelanddcfan View Post

So this is what I think the solution is. I believe Batman and Superman alone can rake in all the fans, attention, and success. Why try to fit a bunch of characters together unnecessarily right now when they aren't really cohesive, instead of taking characters who have been developed much more in a certain way (realistic, dark) and putting them together. With Nolan working behind Superman and Batman, it wouldn't be too difficult to make this happen. All that would really need to happen is to have Bruce come out of retirement to make a worldwide return as Batman, and JGL could remain Gotham's protector (Nightwing; why would JGL have become Batman, right after Batman was declared dead). In essence, I'm suggesting a World's Finest movie. It would be much more practical, and save a lot of time and money.

And maybe from there, they could reboot Green Lantern into a darker tone and carry on these characters into a JLA universe and what not.

I know not everyone will agree, just wanted to put this out there.

- M&DC
I'm sure they'd do this if Bale/Nolan said yes. That's just what's up in the air, presumably.

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