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Default Re: The New Stuff I Got Thread Reboot - Part 2

Originally Posted by Rob3880 View Post
As far as the 2-pack market is going right now, Valkyrie/Hulk is the most expensive and the generally the hardest to find at auction, followed by the Black Widow (black)/ Winter Soldier, then the two Deadpool 2-packs, red folowed by X-men, and then the grey Black Widow variant. That's with me checking Ebay daily looking for the best prices on each one. I paid $100. for the Valkyrie/Hulk, $80. for Black Widow (black)/WS, $140. for the pair of DP packs, and $60. for grey BW/WS.
I think it depends on how quickly you want them. I swear I've seen some of those 2packs recently much cheaper at collectible stores, amazon, and flea markets. The reason hulk and val are probably scarce is that they weren't in high demand. So there's less sellers. Deadpool is a hot item so there's probably more bidding options. Not to mention redpool's value will surely drop once its ml epic Heroes variant rehash pops up

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