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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

If TDKverse continues, and JGL comes back (and Bale eventually)...

The Dark Knight Beyond: The Riddler (who we perhaps never see) leads Blake into a mob war between Black Mask and Penguin (one of who, as the answer to one of the riddles reveals, is responsible for Blake's fathers death). Blake tries to figure out/justify who, all the while he's supposed to be chasing leads on his mission.

themes include revenge/justice, self-doubt, burden of responsibility (fate vs free will)

The Dark Knight Legacy: Poison Ivy, an eco-terrorist in the guise of a business-woman who infiltrates large organizations, such as those responsible for the nuke in TDKR: Wayne Enterprises. The LOS also arrive at the orphanage/mansion at the end (Lady Shiva and her daughter Cassandra, plus Damian, who infiltrated Wayne Manor at the beginning as an orphan) to kill Batman, who seemingly didn't die in the blast, 15 years prior. At the end, Ivy focuses her attack on those who were truly responsible for the blast, the LOS.

Themes include mistakes, consequence, legacy, forgiveness

The Dark Knight Reborn: The Mad Hatter as the main villain, leading Bruce on an endless 48+ hour sleepless chase/game; a night that gets weirder and weirder as it goes on. Hugo Strange as the revealed true villain/partner, playing psychological mind games/tests on Bruce. Whether the Mad Hatter actually exists is brought into question.

Themes include obsession, regret/guilt, self-forgiveness, letting go, trust

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