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Default Re: Thor: The Dark World Trailer Thread

Originally Posted by SaF View Post
Well I also was 'underwhelmed' by the trailer sadly... I'm a MCU nut and am really looking forward to seeing all the phase 2 releases (even those I have doubts about, like GotG) so eagerly awaited the trailer, and yeah, it really did nothing for me (EXCEPT one part which I'll get to).

I'm going to compare it to how hyped the first IM3 trailer made me, as I think its a fair comparison, both IM3 and Thor DW are MCU films I'm dying to see (saw IM3 last night, was awesome btw) and both have characters who's stand alone films I enjoyed and have re-watched multiple times.

The first IM3 trailer gave me chills, you were seeing things the IM series has established (Tony's house, Pepper, his suits) destroyed, that after the Avengers Tony is having problems, all these concepts were interesting to me.

But with the Thor trailer it seemed to me like, oh Thor's going to battle some race on one (or multiple) of the nine relms. And its a race that previously was powerful and caused havok but was beaten back and has been in exile/under Odins boot since and now they are pissed and are fighting back to retake what they had.

So like in the first one where they went to Johtenhime and delt with the Frost giants unprising (can't spell!)?

For me it really seemed like basically nothing's changed for Thor except Loki's in jail? Jane's on a road trip to Asgard? It really didn't convey to me how nasty and twisted the dark elves are, and how important stopping them is. I read some of Thor's books, those guys should be horrible adversaries, hell I loved the glimpse we got of Malakith's (again can't spell) design but yeah they didn't seem like any special threat to Thor or the nine relms in general in this trailer, just seemed like 'business as usual, go off, have a big battle, hit people with the hammer'

I have no doubt that I won't feel this way about the final film, I still am really excited to see it, but this is a trailer discussion and yeah, they trailer didn't have me really excited. Had some cool visuals and I'll keep looking out for new trailers, but didn't get me hyped.

Having said all this, the part that did get my hyped is the last little bit with Loki, that was charged. For me Thor has never been so openly hostile to Loki onscreen before, he's always been 'brother, its not too late...' even at the final fight of the avengers after he stabbed Coulson. Now it sounds like the gloves are off and Thor's giving Loki no more chances, no trust and he knows he's going to have to beat him into the ground sooner or later... very exciting to see Thor accepting that and Loki basically saying 'game on' in return.
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