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Default Re: Thor: The Dark World Trailer Thread

Imho, I thought it was a fantastic teaser trailer. It showed some great action and the visuals look great. Also the love story looks to be amped up more with just that one line from Portman outweighing almost any line she said in the first film. Plus, I like that Sif glance showing Jane is gonna have some competition. Next I think the villain(cant spell his name so I wont attempt and look foolish) looks great just from that small clip of him tho so I will need to see more of him. Also, looks like Jane might die. I hope she does not cause I hate her character cause I dont just cause it could add some much needed uhmm dont know the word to use here...emotional strength, depth etc. And I thought Thor's "noo" looked perfect. He looked like straight defeated and at his mercy. And the ending with Loki; absolutley fantasic. I kinda was hoping Loki wasnt gonna b in this movie at first cause I was worried he might be getting to much screen time but hell just with this scene Hiddleson continues to impress...he looks like a maniac haha. Cant wait to see it.

I will admit the one odd part of the trailer is the begining scene with the truck floating; that was just random af and I had no idea what that was about.

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