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Default Re: What do you consider the best Superman stories?

C2E2 2013: DC Comics BATMAN/SUPERMAN 101 LIVE!

"Batman Year One is the book that I've bought over and over. When people don't really know about comics, I hand that to them and say, 'Read this and it will tell you why he's so cool.' As for Superman, I have to say Birthright by Mark Waid. It's just amazing. These are two comics I can give out. I always go out and buy the new editions of the trades to give to people.

Harras says,
"The book that comes to mind first to me for Superman is a book that put back the magic of superheroes, the magic of comics, and that's All-Star Superman. This is what a great Superman comic is. It's Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely and it's perfect.
  • Burnham says "Grant Morrison's first Batman trade, The Black Glove is the one for me. It's the start of his 6-7 year epic that I have the great honor of finishing off with him. I think Batman has a great mix of crazy stuff and stuff that makes sense when he writes it.
  • "For Superman? I agree it's Superman: Birthright. I finished it on the bus and I almost cried - I feel like crying just thinking about it. And if you look at the new trailer for Man of Steel? It's basically cut and pasted from that comic."
Tynion echoed that All-Star and Birthright are excellent, and said that Geoff Johns' Brainiac story is one of his favorites for "making Brainiac scary."
John Layman says "I'm terrible with titles, I think it's Superman: For All Seasons? Yeah, that's a beautiful book, breathtaking.

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