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Default Re: One Piece discussion (Spoilers)

I think CP0 will play more of a "in the shadows" roll here, they will be part of a bigger picture with all that's been happening with Doflamingo stepping down, Admirals on the scene. Bellamy does seem to be much stronger than before, wouldn't be surprised if he pulls out an Impact Dial seeing that he's been to Skypia now, could be a powerful arsenal if his Springs can dampen the impact. The biggest secret happening at the moment would have to be the nameless Gladiator and the statue that seems to be sitting on top of what may just be a new Poneglyph. Urgh so much happening, the Samurai story, Sanji's found a woman, Zoro's chasing down a thief, Law handing back Ceasar, battle for the Mira mira fruit, soooooo much.


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