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Default Re: Latest Anime you watched? - Part 1

Originally Posted by craigdbfan View Post
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

Episodes: 1 - 2

Really loving this anime so far and Gen Urobuchi's writing is great as always. We're still getting settled into the story but the reactions of the characters to the Red (the protagonist) at the end of Ep.2 is incredibly priceless and realistic. Won't spoil it for you guys because it's such a great "Holy ****!" moment.

The animation itself is absolutely gorgeous as it's done by Production I.G.
Decided to check this out of reading your post, and I must say I'm thoroughly enjoying it... The story telling is excellent... Its real patient and yet not slow. Its real intriguing, and it will probably become on of my favourites...

I love the animation in this.. And I'm not someone thats quite critical when it comes to animation, but this is simply stunning!

Thanks for the heads up!

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