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Originally Posted by Lead Cenobite View Post
Plus a couple of scalloped fins on the back.
This got me thinking, the idea that Batman has a car, complete with logo's and gadgets etc doesn't sit too well with me, sure, in the comics, it looks great and the best onscreen concept was 89 (for me).

So i was thinking, about how to do it, in line with the realistic nature (to an extent) of the new DC world created by Man of Steel.

Batman is on the scene for about 6 months - he is a mystery to many - lurking i shadows, no one can quite catch a look of him - reports all come in of how he looks and we can have montage scenes of people describing him - similar to the animate movie a while back, where each interpretation looks different. One guy can describe him in spandex, pants over his tights - like the classic 'comic' look, another could decribe him like a beastly mixture of sherlock holmes and dracular - we could either see artists impressions as a nod to comic or we can 'see' what the criminal is describing. But back on track, we know Batman relays info to Gordon and he is slowly becoming a 'good guy' in peoples eyes, but still, fact he works outside the law and is upsetting corrupt officials is still enough to keep him a wanted man.

He should use a motor bike - perfect for high speed get aways in busy streets or down side alleys - it can be left hidden somewhere or easily discarded if not needed. A simple high powered all black bike, with a few modifications.

So the car - here is my take.

Bruce and Wayne ind. are following on from his Father, Thomas Wayne's work of rebuilding the city. The company is heavily invovled with redeloping the area, providing CCTV contracts, security systems and working in coordination with the GCPD - this perfectly allows Bruce to hack into info.

Wayne Industry has donated helicopters, ambulances to the cause and fund raisers are a big help in that - we get to see the play boy, yet with a caring side - not the drunk that told family friends to leave - i understand the reason but i really want Bruce to be the 'son' of gotham - the IT guy, the local papers love him and one or two events a week to give the impression of a playboy lifestyle will be good cover.

So this leads on to a fund raiser event, where a proto type is revealed, of a new fleet of police cars. Prehaps looking for sponsors.

The car is a donation of Bruce's and he presents the car - it is a top of the range lotus, ferarri, anything that looks the part - in terms of sleek, visual style. It can have re-inforced plating, bullet proof tinted windows, a screen that lights up in inside showing data directly from GCPD, criminal facial recognition, GPS tracking.

The car could have devices that every day law enforcment may need, tear gas, road tacs to burst tires, prehaps even mini rocket launchers.

The car is revealed and it is black, has a bat logo somewhere on the car and it will basically look like the perfect batmobile.

Bruce will expain and also answer questions about the spec and design and he will say the end product will be white or in style to similar police vehicles, the only reason he chose black was in reference to it's name and so called 'Batman' figure - he says he took inspiration from a man that is trying to good, but ultimately, is munderstood - the audience can have a joke or two and ask will the fins/wings at the back be on the fleet and he explains no, it was just a bit of fun - as it is halloween weekend.

Asked when the car displayed mini grenade launchers if it is live, real, he states they are only props.

But, the real reason is that Bruce knows something is going down that night, in Gotham, over on the far side and that it could be a perfect excuse to get a vehicle like that into the city, use it over the course of the night, then if it's still functioning after a battle, take it back to the Batcave.

The car could be 'taken away' by alfred and Bruce as the party continues then - boom, terrorist situation occurs, the building goes on lock down with everyone there, included Bruce (alibi) whilst Batman make shis way to save the day.

Reports will come in that the car was 'stolen' and used - prehaps as a get away, but ofcourse, it will be nothing more than an urban legend of the bat.

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