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Default A Theory On Duke (Spoilers)

The movie retaliation seemed to neglect to tell you about what happened to the joes other than Duke.

What we know, Duke became in command of a team. (a team) - At no point are we lead to believe that the camp of which there at during the attack had every single Joe there. So what happened to the missing Joes.

General Hawk - i doubt he went onto retirement...
Scarlett, Ripcord, Heavy Duty, Breaker. where are they? Where were they when the events of retaliation occured?

I know there was probably a (keep the cost down) aspect of whose in G.I.Joe Retaliation but to totally neglect the story of characters that were vital in the first story?

Even Destro's absense was explained, hell he even had a brief cameo in it.

And then to even severe the reality behind g.i.joe rise of cobra to retaliation, they kill of Duke...

However here is my thoughts on that, Technology! Zartan with the aid of nanobytes was acting as the president. So we know there is technology out there to amend the way someone looks...

So what if and bare with me on this thought. What if that wasnt really Duke? Maybe a cobra spy? essentially there could be layers to this story.

In the cartoon or comics - wasnt serpentaror or however he is spelt not see eye to eye with the cobra commander? What if this serpentaror was the set up villain for the 3rd movie? planted duke decoy to watch over joes and report.

So where would Duke be if this is the case? Well there was several clues i thought could contribute to it... like for example Joe Colton putting dukes dogtag in his pocket out of all the joes that had died and also they had never met. or have they, Previously Duke and Roadblock were playing Call Of Duty Black Ops... anyone else think that Duke - plus all the other Joes that are absent from the movie could possibly be some form of Joe Black Ops team?

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