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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
Well, I’d wager we all want the same thing - kick-ass action and spectacular super feats that put Iron Man and Hulk to shame.

Of course, Superman is a walking/flying violation of physics. I maintain, though, that this fantasy is actually more exciting when it’s put alongside the familiar/real world. But if you start to imply that - wink, wink - the surrounding rules are different for Supes and relaxed for his convenience (as in my SIII example) then the feats of strength become decidedly less impressive.

Yes, audiences have gotten a bit more knowledgeable and critical (cynical?) since STM. But I don’t think we can scold them into being less demanding, less knowledgeable; we (and filmmakers) have to deal with it.
The rules of the real world aren't just relaxed for Superman, but every extraordinary character, and you know it. Most things are fine if they are done with a manner of verisimilitude.

It's like how a magician doesn't make their tricks seem easy to perform, they'll often show signs of strain, because at the end of the day, they don't want you to think it's a trick, they want you to be tricked.

Examples of verisimilitude, though breaking actual laws of physics:

Batman's microwave emitter
Batman's fusion generator
Batman's cape
Batman's grapnel (at least how he uses it)
Batman's armour (given the thickness of the plates)
Batman kicking through a brick and mortar pillar
Bane punching through a concrete pillar
Spider-Man's super-strength
Spider-Man's wall-crawling ability
Thor's super-strength
Mjolnir (being unliftable)
Hulk catching Stark with no damage to Stark
In fact, all damage done to Stark
The Tesseract
When the Hulk pulls on a Leviathan's face, and the Leviathan is pulled to the ground. The Hulk was pulling the Levithan against itself, it shouldn't have moved.

There's more, but as long as you make the regular Joe's believe, it doesn't matter.

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