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Default Re: Transformers 4 is going to be AWESOME.

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Anyone suggesting Optimus should be killed off are totally wrong, he is the lifeblood of this franchise and always will be, killing him off in the animated movie made the cartoon lose a lot of fans.
Yeah, maybe if we didn't go that route in ROTF it would work but it didn't do the flick any favors. The more Optimus around the better film we will get. He clearly is the one who owns these films.

I hope they fix the problem of how they get rid of him every 10 min then have him showing up at the last second. That got real annoying in DOTM. That puppet scene was ****ing embarrassing. Can't believe it took three autobots to get him down from a wire after defeating the drillbot at ease. They really ran out of ideas to keep him off screen.

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