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Default Re: Storm VS Mystique

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
Why does this movie need one female lead?

Cant this story have a decent role for the four main female characters?

Mystique, Storm, Kitty and Rogue?

Id preffer a good balance, instead of Storm or Mystique leading.
No one says the movie only needs one female lead, but when it comes to films like these it's usually better for storytelling to have one female lead, that acts like an anchor. The audience experiences the events of the movie focalised through her. It makes following a movie easier as opposed to having many lead characters, who aren't really leads they're supporting characters.

Unless we want DOFP to become a Game of Thrones episode where all the interesting characters never get their due because there are so many to cater for in an equal manner. It works better to have a few leads and then a great cast of supporting characters that can still get their moments to shine.

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