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Default Re: State your unpopular film related opinion - - - Part 12

Michael Bay gets lambasted left and right by everyone as if it's the thing to do when his films are way more unoffensive than people make them out to be, and he's a better director than most of the other directors out there making big names for themselves.

I can think of any number of comedy films much more racist, violent, juvenile than anything Bay has ever done. As the average movie goer why they think he sucks (because it's an opinion many seem to take without a thought towards if it's true) what's so wrong with his movies and they cannot give definitive answers aside from oft repeated and as eloquent as "he sucks."

Transformers is not some sacred cow that he has violated. I was born in 1980, grew up a TF fan, saw the original movie in the theaters as a kid and I think what he's done is the best thing in the whole series. People look too romantically on cartoons designed to sell toys. Oddly enough, picking such a commercial director is exactly the type of move they would have done back then if they were gonna start with a movie rather than cartoon.

He's good with the camera, good with giant set pieces, great with action, and his movies look slick.

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