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Default Re: So, Like, What Up With Balder?

Originally Posted by elizah72 View Post
I am beginning to wonder if Tyr will wind up being in the land of the dead with other dead warriors, so maybe we'll see Balder as well there. Though there's been nothing about casting the character as far as I know.

Uh, if Balder is dead and already in Hela's realm, wouldn't that mean Surtur really needs like 4 entire years to make Ragnarök happen? He is big, he is slow.

I never cared for Balder in the comics myself, although he is not a bad character actually. I like him over Tyr in fact. Balder just needs to be there for making Ragnarök happen. It will be tricky to come up with an explanation where he has been all the time.

Maybe he is going to appear in TDW, beeing a character in the background. So, when they need him for Ragnarök which is prolly going to take place in the third movie, they pull him out like a white rabbit and tell us he was there already all the time

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