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Default Re: The Official Valiant Comics Thread

Yeah, I really liked Harbinger Wars #1. Both Bloodshot and Harbinger seem to be dancing around actually having anything happen in them right now--much more character studies this past month than Harbinger Wars, which was fairly action packed. I think the main action is going to be in the Harbinger Wars with the two main series acting as character studies or commentaries on the action.

That part at the beginning of Harbinger Wars #1 where
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Peter has a vision of Bloodshot killing them all
was very chilling. That part where Bloodshoot shoots through the roof of the van...I'm rarely moved by single panels but that one sent chills up my spine. It still isn't as good as that splash page in Archer & Armstrong #7 where Gilad
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
drives the car off the roof, through the plate glass window, and pops up through the sun roof to shoot everyone in the room
, or indeed the action in say, Bloodshot #2, but it's up there.

As far as new characters go, I think Cronus and the "strike team" are the first new psiots I've cared about since the first arc. All the new ones in Bloodshot especially kind of just blended together. I thought really focusing on a particular group here helped flesh them out.

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