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Default Re: So, Like, What Up With Balder?

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
I think Balder is considered Redundant, as he's kind of Thor Lite.
Yeah, pretty much this, I think. It's not that he can't be cool, it's that, when he is, he's basically Thor. He doesn't fill the sidekick role like The Warriors Three, and you don't need a secondary protagonist in the films, there's not enough space (unlike the comics, where you can tell a lot of different stories over time).

All of that is magnified with Loki being such a big hit in the films. The Thor franchise already has a character who is almost as important as Thor, with his own agenda, etc.

Beyond that, it's a big cast of characters already. I'd rather see Sif get a substantial role and be important, rather than adding somebody new to the mix. She's a noble warrior, a kindred spirit of sorts, to Thor, like Balder, but she can also provide some romantic tension. On the whole, I don't think they really need Balder.

If they end up bringing him in somehow, well, awesome. But... I can see why they wouldn't.

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