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Default Re: State your unpopular film related opinion - - - Part 12

Originally Posted by ChickenScratch View Post
Give valid reasons then. You said you have, I don't know who you are.
No. You can go to Rotten Tomatoes and pick through one out of hundreds articles that go a hell of a lot further than "he sucks". You've already made it abundantly that you don't care about the reasons people have repeatedly given you, erroneously saying that all they've ever said is "he sucks," which is grossly inaccurate. I'm not interested in having a conversation about Michael Bay with you. Yours is not an unpopular film opinion, it's disparaging remarks about a group of people who happen to not agree with you. You don't want to have a conversation about movies, you want to sneer at people who don't like something you do.

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