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Default Re: Storm VS Mystique

Originally Posted by JP View Post
With a movie like this, a "female lead" would just simply be nothing more than a term, as the leads are Xavier and Magneto. It's not a romantic comedy where you have a male and female lead, who are the main two characters.

And in this case, Mystique is (and should be) the "female" lead, even though she's still a supporting player, because she was the female lead AND an integral part of the film this movie is taking off from.

And being that Magneto and Xavier are the two leads, and Mystique has the closest connection to both of them.. well, it's not hard to figure out WHY she'd be the "female" lead.
Well, it's obvious that they are trying to make Mystique the lead. I wouldn't be surprised if Mystique's part in First Class was expanded into what we saw because they secured Jennifer Lawrence.

But there are several flaws and issues with making Mystique the female lead in DoFP. There's no future version of the character in the cast, and the original trilogy version's story arc was concluded in The Last Stand (she was cured - which may not work, obviously - and then betrayed Magneto to the government). And then there are the questions of whether Jennifer Lawrence will want to continue in the role if they bring us another story with the First Class characters, and whether Rebecca Romijn would ever return to the role if the franchise focuses on the original actors and a fixed timeline in the present day.

The bottom line is: Where is Mystique's character going? If she is the female lead in DoFP, then what comes next? We're not likely to see more of Magneto and his brotherhood, they'll probably bring in new villains like Sinister. So where will that leave Mystique after DoFP? The only function of her being a female lead is to see her become a badass, cold-blooded ***** like in the original trilogy - so we already know where her story ends up.

I can't see the logic behind focusing on Mystique because the fixed timeline will bring a new team of X-Men and probably dispense with Magneto (and perhaps even Xavier). So the characters with whom Mystique has greatest connection will be gone and she will have no purpose in future films at all if they move on to Apocalypse, Sinister, etc, etc.

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde
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