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Default Re: State your unpopular film related opinion - - - Part 12

GI Joe rise of the cobra was a much better film than the sequel. I think that it is even underrated to a certain extent.

Michael Bay directed Transformers 1 & 2, Bad boys 1&2. That in my book makes him an amazing director I love them four movies

I don't think critics rate comedy films with predominately black casts. Little man and Lottery ticket
were highly entertaining, extremely fun with good underlying messages but were still panned by critics. Then you got a 'stupid' film like Borat receiving critical acclaim. At the end of the day this is why you can't take critics seriously, they are just regular people with an opinion. I find it strange how a movie like Dark Knight didn't even get nominated for best picture at the oscars, yet the Oscars are considered a big deal. The Oscars have no credibility to me, so many great and enjoyable movies are overlooked

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