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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Par

I do not think that even myths "ships it" as some kind of romance-they banged ones or twice and call it a day. Gods are not very faithful creatures you see.

As for Thor/Sif in the myths - there is a theory that she is his wife AND mother-Jörð. As "Sif" is not even the real name but rather the term that mean "female relative of someone".Their marriage was some kind of sacred ritual of unity between the earth and the sky-standard tradition in early religions. So very strange thing-nothing surprising that they were not faithful to each other.

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I no right!
I was just asking for opinions cuz everybody i no who have seen Thor and read the comics and Norse myths ship Loki/Sif together. Their not even canon from the comics and are just one-sided from Loki's view.
Strange-this ship is not very popular as far as I know. This thing is creepy as hell in comics so I do not understand how some one could read comics AND ship this (only if they liked mythology where this thing had some basis, than watched the movie start to ship it and begin read comics to find basis to their ship-the usual rout).

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