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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 4

That's the other thing... By giving his info in 'personal IM's' (one of which I received) there's no public record for most of the ludicrous things he said.

Edit: Here, I found one of his posts.

They wanna introduce Pym and Wasp as fast as possible and get them on the team for Avengers 2, while still having the Ant Man movie be its own thing and happen at some point prior to the events of IM3 as an origin story for Pym and Jan. They've looked at a number of different ways to make this happen because Ultron will be important in the future of the series. Pym and Jan need to be there in Avengers 2, but the progression towards it has to work. The time travel angle I've hinted at with some of my posts works but it's not a natural progression to getting them there. It evolved out of a need to deal with the fact that Edgar Wright's Pym would be older than Wasp if they didn't change one of the plans for the movies and how it would connect now that they are going ahead with another contingency plan to include Wasp in IM3... There still could be a time travel element in Avengers 2 and Ant Man but it's the least likely scenario. Somehow though, by the time we see Pym in Avengers 2, he has began to discover the negative zone. The events of avengers 2 and the appearance of Wasp in IM3 (not revealing who she is until the credits, leave little time to fully explain their powers.

Much of the plan for how Ant Man connects to the overall series may have changed but the characters/villains are probably the same. It involves AIM, Radioactive Man, Classic Ultron, and the older Zemo... the younger Zemo secretly runs AIM right now, which is actually Hydra but not revealed until Cap america 2. The plan did change once and became the first incarnation of the time travel plot with one of the future guardians & Lang being sent to the past to retrieve the two and then plopping them before IM3 at the end. The original plan based on Wright's script was to have Lang takeover for Pym in the present, but now Wasp is being brought in quicker so there's a number of ways planned to address Pym. I just don't know which one they'll go with for sure because all my knowledge comes from the conceptual stage from an inside source who occasionally works for Marvel and Disney focus groups. The main thing is Pym is gone somewhere and Wasp is looking for him in between movies. AIM is tied into this. It could be as simple as him being kidnapped and transferred somewhere, research stolen by AIM, or it could be a lot more complex, Pym discovered neutrino based time travel along with Pym particles, and got lost in space and time after escaping AIM/Ultron/Radioactive man in the past, while Jan was transported to the time of IM3.... If that's the case we'll see pym in GoTG with the Guardians from the alternate 31st century in Knowwhere... the interdimensional base out of time.

They warn the past guardians and Pym that very soon Thanos will destroy half the universe, with terrible effects for the future...
They introduce Pym to the past guardians briefly who are informed about the scope of the situation. Pym is informed he needs to be in the timeline to stop Thanos and Ultron or it all goes haywire even sooner... An ant is the thing holding the universe together.

Now that Disney owns marvel it ups the chances he ends up in a focus group working for them. when it started he would occasionally be brought in for random studios and ended up gaining some knowledge on the plans for Thanos prior to Avengers. There was much more backstory being worked on at first, and Whedon's original plan even before this featured Wasp and Ultron as central characters. When Whedon talked about his very Waspy Avengers draft and said he couldn't say who the villain they wanted to work in was he meant Ultron. Ulron is going to show up in a number of future films...

He's a fan favorite, seems to have tested very well as a movie concept... and we'll see him in as many different forms as Ant Man himself...

In IM3 Mandarin is using him to control the Extremis soldiers and a number of computerized military systems... he exists without a body at this point in time and AIM stole Pym's research. Wasp is there snooping around. He's like an evil Jarvis, AIM has used Pym's research to turn it into a network. Stark uses Jarvis to control his network of 40+ armors. Mandarin uses his network...
Turns out Mandarin's network has too much of a mind of its own.
It had plans far greater than the Mandarin's and was using him, in a way.
Mandarin was controlling many, many things and he was being deceived by an AI... explaining why Mandarin came up with his plan to hijack stark's new toys and plant a virus in extremis that hands over control to the AI/the Mandarin...

We'd see Ultron again in Avengers 2. This time he returns alongside the evil Vision he's created. Pym and Jan are added to the team. Ultron joins up with the Other, who has allowed the Vision to alter his density more effectively. This puts Ultron on the same side as Thanos. So Avengers 2 main villains are Thanos and Ultron... Vision turns good by the end of the film and helps stop Thanos and Ultron.
This will only be the first full on battle with Thanos. Thanos is in GoTG but Magus & Nebula are the main villains. Nebula sets up Thanos's backstory and appearances.

The third time we see Ultron would be in his classic form in Pym's origin movie, but Radioactive man, older Zemo/young Zemo, and AIM are there to move other things along and tie into what just happened in a prequelish way.

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