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I saw it today and thought it was a lot of fun, the over the top plot, the vehicles, the one liners, all if it fit well for me. The Rock was good as Roadblock, Adrianne Palicki was good as Lady Jaye and Byung-hun Lee just has great charisma as Storm Shadow, Ray Stevens was also ok as Firefly. The only weak point was Flint, he was dull and seemed to only exist to make Rock look bigger and cooler and to make goo goo eyes at Lady Jaye, his parkour gimmick wasn't even used to much effect.

Bruce Willis was getting money for old toffee here but I still felt his presence was a welcome addition, and he enhanced rather than detracted from the overall film.

I loved the way they used Cobra Commander, the voice was great and the way he was filmed and presented every time he entered a scene was great.

The action was pretty good all the way through but the mountain Ninja battle was amazing!!! I'd go as far as to call it an instant classic and worth the price of a ticket alone to see on the big screen. I also thought the final fight between Block and Firefly was inventive, mixing CQC with gun-play.

Overall a pure fun popcorn movie!


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