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Default Re: The Official GAMBIT Discussion thread - Part 1

Well, lets not focus on themes at all, but more about script.

Thor script didnt have the quality most of X1-X2 had, for example.

The Magneto scenes, Charles-Magneto dialogue scenes, Logan's introduction on X1, Logan-Rogue relationship on X1, their very first scenes, and dialogue...

I dont see something on that level on Thor or Captain America at all.

Not to mention other stuff, like Striker-Charles Xavier on X2, Nightcrawler scenes/dialogue, with the religion references...

Marvel movies are great summer movies, but in terms of filmaking, script, dialogue scenes... they arent that good.

Nolan/Batman trilogy and first two x-men movies lacked big action scenes and awesome visuals and fights like Marvel movies.... but in terms of dialogue, script, character interaction, filmaking, atmosphere and all of that, they are on a different level.

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