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Default Re: TMOS Set & Official Photo Thread - Discussion Welcome - - Part 11

Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
Of course, the death of a parent is going to be emotional. But more “philosophically,” it was suggested that Clark shouldn’t be guilty of a “failure.” Thus, a natural death for Jonathan neatly avoids any conundrums - while an unnatural one does not. And I think some folks were disagreeing with the notion that an accidental death necessarily constitutes a moral failing on Clark’s part.
Even then, his fathers death becomes about him unable to save everyone with his powers, something that will undoubtedly be called back up later on in the film, not only does it trivialise such an important character moment into a plot point, it's just so expected.

Unless it's about him choosing the world (and strangers) over someone he loves...that brings up the theme of him belonging to the world other than just one person (which obviously ties into his relationship with Lois) I could get behind that, but i still prefer the heart attack stuff, it's much more subtle and it will likely be better cinematically.

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