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Default Re: Official ALPHA FLIGHT movie/tv show discussion thread

I could see the SHIELD show or even Avengers 2 having a passing verbal reference to it (because of the events of the past several years and especially after the Chitauri incursion, Canada has come up with their own version of the Avengers Initiative...), but I doubt we'll see them anytime soon. That said, I'd love to see them in a movie. My preference would be for the original early 80s era crew- Puck, Guardian (Mac), Shaman, Snowbird, Aurora, Northstar, Sasquatch, Marrina (and I could see Heather in a "Pepper" role initially, suiting up in a sequel). Of course, chances are the lineup would be cut in half due to budget/script issues. Plus, who knows how many characters Fox considers in their control. Oh, well...

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