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Default Re: Which characters do you think will appear in "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?"

Namor(but not actually as Namor). We already no Oracle exist, you can just show him as like a CEO as the company and his name is Namor, like a little cameo for fans. Luke Cage is possible with Iron Fist to. The whole street heroes thing def makes them viable. I think with Daredevil rights being back to Marvel they might use him here. Again, they prob wont show him fighting or anything but he can be in news tv/newspaper. They can also just show Matt as a Lawyer maybe working with Shield on a case maybe, and like by the end of the episode before Shield can take out the baddie he's been taking down by what the baddie said looked like a "Devil". Just floating ideas. Punisher is kinda like Luke Cage and Iron First so I can see him featured on an episode or two. Ms.Marvel but not as a hero yet, just as Carol. Just maybe as someone in the military etc.

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