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Default Re: Official Iron Man 3 rate/review thread.

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
Stephanie Zacharek's negative review was predictable because she hates good genre films. I've read her reviews since her days at and she hasn't changed a bit in 15 years. Her former Salon colleague Andrew O'Hehir's review of The Avengers wasn't so much criticism of the film itself -- he didn't even address it -- as it was a diatribe against the entire genre. Critics in the US tend to indulge themselves in this manner, which is why I and others anticipated that Iron Man 3 would do well among the literate and intelligent foreign press and come a cropper when the domestic reviews came pouring in.
The American press tries so hard to present themselves as cultured and what not but end up just looking like wannabe elitist jerks looking to ingratiate themselves with a very small group of movie viewers.

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