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Default Re: Why Mark Ruffalo?

I like Ed Norton, I would have love it if they have kept him for The Avengers.

BUT, I agree that Mark Ruffalo indeed made Bruce Banner more interesting than ever. If it was Norton who was chasing that little girl in Brazil or discussing Loki with the gangs, I would totally be like "WHY U NO HULK YET?", 'cause Norton just get me this feeling that he needs an action scene right now! right now! right now!

Mark on the other hand, brought in a more down to earth banner, the one who can actually dissolve into the team, but interesting enough to be, as people said, "uninterested" in anything around him, until the point he needs to be.

When Norton turns into HULK I was like "Hell yeah!", but when Mark does I was like "Holy **** that's scary!!", I think banner should be the way Mark does in The Avengers.

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