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Default X-Men: Part 6 should be set...

First class was set in the 60's,
Days of future past will be set in the 70's
X-Men Origins: Wolverine the second part was set in the 80's
so if they make another x-men film featuring the younger cast... should we skip a decade and have the film set in the 90's?

Was thinking about it, it would make a great set up for how the X-Men: The Movie lead into...

What we know by this point is that by the end of X-Men Origins: Wolverine that Cyclops escaped and was saved by Xavier.

So X-Men set in the 90's would have "Cyclops" in theory, Xavier & Magneto recruited Jean Grey 30 years ago from X-Men 3 which if you look at how its portrayed was techically 2000 to 2002 or 2006, so essentially she was recruited in 1972 (maybe after the events of the days of future past story)

So "Cyclops" "Jean" - They would need to introduce young "Storm". I'm figuring that "Jason/Mutant 143" would at least be part of the team...

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