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Default Re: Which villain(s) should the reboot start with?

I thought the nolan universe was quite spot on, it would be terrible to take it into a different direction.

However what i would do for a reboot is as follows...

I would have two transformations occure, Bruce/Wayne becoming batman and learning what lengths he must go through. Roman Sionis becoming black mask which is caused by the actions bruce does as batman. So these two would be friends by the first movie - enemies by the end. In the 3 films i would then fill them with villains that would fit the story, maybe in the first movie i would introduced The Pengiun as a mobster supplying weapons around gothum city. Id also have a second villain Posion Ivy whom would be altered to be a serial killer who poisions her victims... Kind of figured that it would be good to have Batman follow the same areas a police station would like vice/homocide...etc to show his detective skills. In the second film id team The Riddler and Mr.Freeze - however The Riddler seeks only to outsmart Batman (like how The Joker just wanted to bring chaos to gotham) The Riddler's role really is to antagonise Batman because he cant easily solve his case and so he has to really use his mind to catch him... However you also have the main villian Mr.Freeze which would be quite a different version of Mr.Freeze. Think, Mr.Freeze inspired by tv show Dexter and the movie SAW. Essentially a serial killer who is on a bit of a revenge kick because of his wife and how a wayne enterprise cut the funding and he blames them...etc. By the 3rd Movie you then have The Black Mask reveal himself as a villain but what i thought could be interesting is to take well i call them the lesser favourite villains and make them into some form of Mob group that works for the Black Mask, something like Ventriloquist, Mad Hatter, Killer Croc they wouldnt be anything like there counter part on tv or comics but just an achowledgement to them exisiting...

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