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Default Re: Where are the Avengers?

Originally Posted by Sharkboy View Post
This is why I'm against the idea of the Justice League, why would Bruce Wayne need to do anything with any amount of effort knowing that Superman or Green Lantern could do it for him with a minimal amount of fuss. It's very rare that an actual Justice League story feels right to me and usually that's because it focuses on the characters rather than any actual logic. The truth of the matter is, logically...shield would be up on this and saved the day in half the time, once you open up the world like the solo films can either ignore the logic or just get sucked up in it and turn into a crappy movie.
That kind of logic becomes an issue in some solo movies as well. The most apparent is that Superman is a good guy through and through but still seemingly doesn't do much with his powers for the people in the world that actually do need help and instead mess around playing reporter and protecting the relatively wealthy people in the biggest city on Earth. So some logic is often best ignored in a lot of comics, not just the combined universe ones.

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